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90 min 4 adults by Pick-&-Joy®


Method of preparation

1 Peel the asparagus and cut off the hard bottom part.
2 Rinse and clean the mini peppers and remove the stem and seeds.
3 Cut the tomatoes into four pieces and remove the top part with the crown.
4 Cook the asparagus, mini peppers and tomatoes in the chicken broth, then add milk at the end of the cooking time and boil it shortly.
5 Mix the soup smoothly with a hand blender.
6 Season with salt and pepper.
7 Let the soup cool off and put it in the fridge for 60 minutes.
8 Deep-fry the snack pepper for about 4 minutes in 160°C oil.
9 After the 4 minutes place the snack peppers on a paper towel and gently rub off the pepper skin gently with a tablecloth.
10 Cut the pepper in small slices.
11 Cut the cucumbers in small slices.
12 When the soup has cooled off, garnish it with the sliced peppers and cucumber.
13 Serve the soup cold.

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