Where can I buy a Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetable? Do you have any tips on how to look after my fruiting vegetable? Where do Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables come from? There are a few examples of questions that you can find below. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, feel free to get in touch using the contact form!


  • Where can I buy Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables?

  • Can I buy Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables in the shop at any time of the year?

  • Can I order Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables online?

  • Can I also buy seeds for Pick-&-Joy® products?

The concept

  • What can I use Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables for?

  • What dishes can I make with Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables?

  • When is the fruit ripe enough to eat?

  • How long has the Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetable concept been around?

Caring for your plant

  • What's the best way to look after my Pick-&-Joy® plant?

  • Why would I need to move a plant to a bigger pot?

  • How much water do I need to use?

  • Will the fruit change after harvesting?

  • Why are my plant's leaves turning yellow?

  • Are Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables hardy?

  • How do I harvest the fruit from the plant?

  • Why does the tomato carry on growing?

Food safety in cultivation

  • Where do Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables come from?

  • How are Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables cultivated?

  • Is it safe to eat the fruits of Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables?

  • What is a Brix value?

  • What is the Scoville scale?

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