Strawberry Delizz


Strawberry Delizz

Strawberry Delizz

  • Very sweet taste
  • Perennial
  • High yield of strawberries
  • Plant height: about 30-40 cm

Grown your own strawberries

Strawberries picked from Pick-&-Joy® Strawberry Delizz are a real treat. The fruits from this strawberry plant are firm and extra sweet. The vertical shoots that yield the strawberries are unique to the plant and mean that the fruit grows in plain view.

Looking after your strawberry plant

It is recommended to move Pick-&-Joy® Strawberry Delizz to a bigger pot or to plant it in the ground. Pick-&-Joy® Strawberry Delizz is hardy, so you can enjoy delicious strawberries next year too! 

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Care tips

  • In the sun
  • Half sun/half shade
  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Out of the wind
  • Repot
  • 12° - 30°
  • Edible
  • Water twice to four times a week
  • Feed twice a month


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