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Pick-&-Joy® is a unique fruiting vegetable concept. The fruiting vegetables from Pick-&-Joy® plants can be picked straight away, are healthy and delicious, and add a dash of colour in the kitchen, on the balcony/terrace, or in the garden. Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables are available in 15 attractive and healthy varieties. Pick and enjoy!


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'For more than twelve years, I’ve been dedicated to cultivating fruiting vegetables directly for consumers.' With a focus on taste, healthiness, and market trends, we strive to meet the demands of consumers and the environment. It is great to see that we have grown ever since our first tomato plant and now offer a complete range with something for everyone. And we will continue to innovate and take pride in our products!'


Looking for something out of the ordinary? Potatom

Try Potatom!

Tomatoes and potatoes from a single plant? Yes, you heard right.

Pick-&-Joy® Potatom is a rather unique plant full of surprises – a must-have for the vegetable garden or terrace. This very special produces both tomatoes and potatoes!

Tomato and potato plant

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