• Tomatoes and potatoes from a single plant
  • Juvenile plant, replant for continued growth
  • Delicious tomatoes and potatoes
  • A must-have for your vegetable garden!
  • Plant height: about 150 cm

Tomato and potato plant

Pick-&-Joy® Potatom is a rather unique plant full of surprises – a must-have for the vegetable garden. Pick-&-Joy® Potatom produces both tomatoes and potatoes! Potatom stands out from the Pick-&-Joy® range somewhat and requires more attention than other Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables. The fruits won’t be visible when you receive the plant, so you won’t be able to harvest them just yet. You need to take good care of Potatom before you can enjoy its delicious tomatoes and potatoes!

More information and cultivation tips about Potatom.


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Care tips

  • In the sun
  • Outside
  • Out of the wind
  • Repot


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