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How our team grows our plants

It all started around 18 years ago with the mini tomato plant. Since then, we have grown our concept to include more than 21 varieties of plants. Healthy, wholesome snacking vegetables that are easy to cultivate in your own garden – consumers appreciate the value they get with their Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables. Our concept has only continued to grow, but did you know how much effort goes into growing your Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables before you can enjoy it? 

Our Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables are grown under glass, typically in greenhouses at a modern nursery in the Westland region of the Netherlands. The fruiting vegetables are cultivated for four months, with the greatest love and attention, before they leave the nursery. The fruiting vegetables are grown under glass in warm conditions – ideal for producing healthy, edible fruits. 

Every day, a dedicated team of professionals works hard to grow our plants to a high standard. They water the plants, feed them, and make sure the atmospheric conditions are just right, harnessing the power of nature. Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables are grown entirely naturally! 

Looking out for people, planet, and environment

Natural pollination

There are lots of busy bees at work around our greenhouses. These bumblebees ensure the plant’s fruits are pollinated as nature intended. This means the flowers on the fruiting vegetables are pollinated by the bees, allowing the fruit to grow. The first fruits start to change colour around eight weeks after pollination, which is a sign that they are ready to eat. And for our growers, this means it is time to deliver the fruiting vegetables to garden centres, supermarkets, and florists! Other insects are used as well as bumblebees. These ‘good’ insects help to ward off harmful pests and diseases in a very natural way. 


To help maintain food safety, all our Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables are certified to the highest labels available. Every year, we carry out a large number of audits to ensure that the highest quality can be guaranteed, and that we are looking out for people, planet, and environment. This includes being mindful of how much water, fertilizer, and energy we use. Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables are certified to the highest labels available including MPS-A, MPS-SQ, MPS-GAP, GlobalGAP and GRASP. 

Choosing our materials

When choosing the materials used in the pots, sticks, and labels of our Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables, we also go the extra mile for people and planet. Our pots are made from recycled materials, and we have consciously chosen wood for our sticks and cardboard for our labels.

You can help us!

You can help us by sorting your waste. The label may be recycled with paper, the pot can be recycled with plastic, and you can use the wooden stick again yourself!

Any questions?

If you have any more questions about this, please see our frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

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