Candytom Yellow


Candytom Yellow

Candytom Yellow

  • Lovely tomato trusses
  • Growing tomato
  • With bamboo racks
  • Plant height: about 50-60cm

Lovely trusses yellow tomatoes

The Pick-&-Joy® Candytom Yellow is the newest tomato plant in the series. The tomato plant yields nice, large trusses with yellow tomatoes. 

Plum tomato plant in a pot

Pick-&-Joy® Candytom Yellow is taller than our other tomato plants, at 50cm high, making it more suitable for planting in a pot, the vegetable garden of the greenhouse. The plant comes with a bamboo rack, which makes it extra sturdy. If the plant outgrows the bamboo rack, sumply use a stick, a larger rack, or string to secure the plant's shoots and offshoots.




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Care tips

  • In the sun
  • Half sun/half shade
  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Out of the wind
  • Repot
  • Between 12° and 30°
  • Edible
  • Water twice to four times a week
  • Feed twice a month


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